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Family Outreach Program, Inc. is dedicated to help families and individuals in need. As an all volunteer organization that is currently not funded by grants, nor sponsored by a business, church or special interest group, it seeks to reach out and serve a geographical area which includes counties in the greater Chicago Area and Northern Illinois. Its volunteers are also open to reach out where there is a need.

Disclaimer: This web page and the other pages of this web site are provided as a service to the public in order to provide free public access to the sources of Family Outreach Program. Programs and services are periodically updated, revised or revoked.

Family Outreach Program, Inc. has used all reasonable efforts to ensure that this website does not contain any inaccurate information. However, we can make no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy or the timeliness of the data. If you believe any material contained in this web site is inaccurate, please contact us immediately.

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Family Outreach Program, Inc. is an all volunteer organization. Six Board Members preside over the business matters of the charity to insure that all funding is routed to fulfill the utmost of charitable goals to reduce poverty and hunger and to encourage individual progress and incentive.