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What they Say about Family Outreach Program

“This Food Bank here on Plainfield Road helps me and my household out a lot. You see, my position at a local bank here in Joliet eliminated my whole department with new technology. My employment ran out now. Also, with the price of gas, it is hard to buy decent food and/or my medication. This Food Bank provides me and my family with foods I would not be able to afford to buy at a regular grocer store. Thank you.” Ms. Peggy Weiberg

From Dee Foreman, Agency Representative, Northern Illinois Food Bank, Joliet Office
3033 W. Jefferson Street Suite 210Joliet, IL 60435
Telephone: 815.846.1041 to Family Outreach Program, Inc. (12/4/2007)
"I want you to know, I pulled a report to see my top ten pantries in Will, Grundy, and Kankakee Counties (of the 58 emergency food outlets). You are number 2 in most pounds distributed! That is amazing. From last year 12/01/06 until yesterday you have passed out 229,365.20 pounds of food! That is something to be proud of. You can put that total on your web site. I would."

“Thank you for the food that you have given. I am very grateful. It has helped me and my family because I have 3 children and only my husband works. God bless you and help you to keep helping other people.” Sincerely, Rosa Isela Cerda

“Thank you for your support. We come for help because sometimes we haven’t had a job and sometimes they give us job on the on the offices but sometimes they don’t. We give thanks to you that you help us. Thank you very much. God Bless You.”

“Thank you very much. I loved the napkins, bread, cereal, lettuce and tomatoes. Thank you and God Bless.” Martha Marshall

“Thank you for the kind blessing you have helped us with. May God continue to be a blessing in your life to be a blessing to others.” Daybreak Staff

“We are a retired elderly couple and we met people that received help from this program. My daughter does a favor by picking up a box of this box of food. My grandson, daughter and daughter-in-law live with us. The basic food necessities do not stretch. You are all helping us very much with your Family Outreach Program. We hope that are able to continue keeping the program.” Thank you, Daria

“Thank you for the food. That is such a big help to us. I am retired and on a pension and the money that I receive is very little for the many bills I have to pay, including food.” Thank you, Maria A.

“This letter is to let you know that the food we received from you is a huge help in my very difficult economic situation. Thank you very much.” Raymundo

“I want to thank the suppliers very much for continuing this program. Because of you, our family always has something to fill our stomachs. There are days when we don’t have work and if we don’t have work, we also don’t have money to buy things necessary for our families. What you donate to the program is very useful and always helps people like me who are in bad economic situations. So, in conclusion, thank the Family Outreach Program and thank you to the people who donate to the Family Outreach Program. God Bless You All.” Maria C.

“Through this letter I would like very much to thank the persons that help giving us the food. I would like to tell you about my situation. You help me a lot because I have to pay my children’s doctor bills, especially my daughter who has many dentist visits. I also bring some of the food to old folks that work with me and who are very poor. Because of this with all my heart I thank you and Thank God for all of your help.” The Castillo Family

“I am writing this letter to thank you for this wonderful help that God sent and the service that you are doing to the community. In my point of view, it is excellent and allows us to pay our taxes, state and federal. The food that you offer is always fresh with expiration date intact. The point of view from one person in the community, you improve our quality of life as far as nutrition and economic level, etc. Really, it is a huge savings because I would stand on these projects. I can pay the rent and other bills.” Aurora R.

Many thank you's to the very generous suppliers of food and it's distribution of it, to the many needy people of our community. We also would like to thank the very hard workers who make it possible for us to receive it. Thank you Ms. Katie, Miss Maria and Larry and the entire crew at 2223 Plainfield Rd, Crest Hill, IL 60435. God bless you all! --Shirley Leone (Joliet, IL.)

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